River Raid for Atari 2600

What got me into retro computing

Growing up with Prince​​​​

When I was a kid, we had an Athlon 64 computer running Windows XP. The only thing I really remember was that it was slow as hell (opening two desktop tabs turned it into a slideshow), and when I was 12 I got my current computer, the one I write this on. However, in the after-school club, we had a Windows 2000 PC packed full of old games, including Prince of Persia and Wacky Wheels. There was always a crowd waiting to play their favorite game; mostly Prince of Persia (fun fact: we called the enemies the Prince fights “grannies”).

My mom's Atari

Since then, I slowly grew interested in old games, and then the computers. It was mostly just an interest; until sometime later it hasn’t developed into a full hobby. It was mostly annoying my mom, asking what her experience, growing up on Atari 800XE (which was rare in the communist Czechoslovakia) was.

The Great Hunt for River Raid

One day about two years ago, I was bored and wondered what my mom’s favorite game (which she remembered that they nicknamed it “Persian Gulf”) was. I did some searching, but I wasn’t successful. Then the new volume of my favorite gaming magazine SCORE came out and what did I see in the Retro section: Atari 2600 and some games, one of which closely resembled my mom’s description. After showing the picture to her, she confirmed my suspicion: River Raid was the “Persian Gulf” which eluded me for such time. After that, I set up an emulator on my current PC and let her play it. She was overloaded with nostalgia.

The Big Realization

After that, I played from time to time and realized that while the old games don’t have graphics comparable to today’s games, they sure have gameplay that matches or even exceeds the modern ones.

Brief history of Gamepad Goodies, and a new favorite youtuber

This brings us to this year, 2019. Gamepad Goodies was originally a failed videogame cookbook (hence the name) from January 2019. However, we grew short of the recipes and it was abandoned. However, in November began talks of its restoration. The revived GG were meant to focus on space games, however by that time I also started to watch LGR’s videos (Awesome show. You can check him out here) who inspired me a lot, and made it a part of GG.

The lucky find

By that time, my father purchased an old house. He went with my brother exploring it, and my brother called me with amazement: they found a room full of old computer parts. He let me take them, and today I’m a proud owner of a nonfunctional Windows 95 PC and a 386 machine. Both of them are to be upgraded and repaired, and will be subject of further articles.

Thanks for reading this, and take care!

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