Elite Tutorial Part Two – Pimp Your Ride


In this tutorial, we’ll take a look at what activities or “careers” are in Elite Dangerous. We’ll also take a look at simple cheap unengineered ship builds for them.

A brief history of Rankings, or why Elite is called Elite

In Elite, almost everything you do is rated by rankings. When you look at the Explorer rankings for example, you have Aimless, Mostly Aimless and so on all the way up to Elite.

 You start on Aimless, and by selling cartographic data, you earn not only money but also the ranks. How much you progress is affected by the money you make.

 That’s why Trading Elite is the easiest to accomplish nowadays, since you can hop into a ship and mine Void Opals, Low Temperature Diamonds or Painite for a living.

  • A look back
  • series name

In the first game from 1984, only Combat was ranked. It ranged from Harmless to Elite.

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Actually doing stuff

There are multiple routes on what you can do. They can be summed up best into 4 starter routes, which we’ll call Bounty Hunter, Explorer, Miner and Trader.

 Each one of those has a specific ship build, which is the most effective way of doing that. Of course, you can fly to the Beagle Point in a starter Sidewinder, and there were some mad lads that accomplished that, but a fully decked out Krait Phantom would be a much better way.

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The Ships or don’t expect a Porsche on your first day in work

When you first log in to Elite, you’ll be in a Sidewinder. The smallest and weakest ship in the game, sluggish, small cargo capacity etc. The Sidewinder is a jack of all trades, yet master of none.

 You need a bigger ship, which can do the task a lot more effectively. I’m going to lay down which ships would be good for some careers, and which to avoid. I’ll also put ship builds that cost around 750 KCr. Let’s begin!

Elite Dangerous Ship Size Comparison

Comparison of several ships from Elite Dangerous.

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  • Bounty hunter
  • Explorer
  • Miner
  • Trader

For this one, you should not buy a Hauler. The Adder costs just 10 KCr more and can haul a lot more stuff. Go here for one. You don’t need many modules for this one. Just a lot of cargo racks and a docking computer for some quality-of-life.

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This is the end of the Elite Tutorial Two. You can expect my second Retro Computer Profile on the weekend. Flametwist signing off!

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