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Elite Dangerous Game Summary

Elite: Dangerous

What is Elite?

Genre: Space simulator/MMO

Studio: Frontier Developments

Released in 2015

No story here

Elite: Dangerous is one of the few open-world MMO space simulators. You don’t have a specific goal in the game; if you’re looking for a kind of a huge overarching story, which will literally consume you, this is probably not the game for you.

Journey is the goal, space is your limit

E:D is one of the games where journey is the goal. Where your reward for mining, hauling, fighting etc. is not a huge, important cutscene but rather a more effective mining ship. Where you can fly across the galaxy to Beagle Point, one of the farthest systems from Sol. Where you can fumble around in ice rings of a huge gas giant to find some valuable minerals. Where you can fight the alien menace known as Thargoids. Where the players often organize some sort of out-of-game events. But remember, here the journey is a goal all in itself. It’s not like games like Skyrim, where another hand touches the beacon, you do a quest, turn it in, and receive a unique sword which burns the undead. This is a game where you kill pirates, 6,000 Credits bounty for each, and you slowly make the money for your dream Viper Mk. III, which costs 13 million.

What can you do here?

To cut it short, everything you can do in this game can simply be summarized into 3 distinct categories: Fighting, Trading and Exploring. We’ll go over each of these separately later.


 There is a rank progression system, which is derived from what amount of credits you make. The lowest rank is usually something like Penniless for Trader, and Harmless for Combat. The highest rank in all the categories is Elite, from which the first game, released over 35 years ago first derived its name.

What boons do you get when you reach Elite?

With the rank of Elite, you receive buffs such as access to a special system with a Starport, Jameson Memorial, that has 10% discount on everything from modules to ships, special decal to put on the said ship, and 2.5% discount everywhere (including the Jameson Memorial, which makes that 10% discount essentially 12.5%).


There are also many types of ships to buy and enjoy (38 as the times of writing) from the starter, small humble Sidewinder to the huge and certainly not humble Imperial Cutter. Each of these ships can essentially do anything, it’s just that some of the ships do it better. The Type 9 hauler can fight, it will just be almost immediately destroyed by smaller and nimbler ships.

There are many tutorials to come, so be alert, Commanders!

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