Old Computer with MS-DOS

Computer Profile – “Game Forbidden”


CPU: Intel Pentium-S 150 MHz

GPU: Some random normal CHIPS VGA card

OS: MS-DOS 6.22

Drives: 5.25” Floppy Drive, 3.5“ FDD

Hard Drive: 1 GB reported

Sound Card: None, just PC Speaker

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The Game Forbidden is my latest find from the factory, since it wasn’t contained in the computer room and was in one of the large halls under a random nonfunctional CRT monitor, which had a nail run through it.

 Its name stems from the sticker put on by the airsoft players occupying the hall later on, which says: “Game forbidden to people under 18”. Since this sticker is on the hard drive bay and doesn’t block anything, I’ll be happy to keep it there.

 One of the little miracles is the fact that this computer wasn’t overly damaged or dirty, since it laid for 20 years in a large and dusty hall. Owing to the large amount of controller cards installed, it weights around 10 kilos. Due to its large weight, I thought that it was flooded in dust, but it wasn’t and booted immediately after my first inspection.

 It is now my only working PC, since the 386 has a slashed power cable (really) and will need a new case, and the 98 PC is in for an upgrade.

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What’s installed on the hard drive?

Considering it’s a former industrial PC, it has a lot of data and management programs, mostly related to accounting, storage inventory and manufacturing.

 It is however clear that somebody used it for procrastination despite only the PC Speaker working, since they installed Prince of Persia on it, which is quite a common old game in the Czech Republic.

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What am I planning to upgrade on this?

One of the more irritating things about this is that I since lack a CRT, I have to run it on my LCD, which obviously has wrong screen aspect ratio. However, I know that in the factory there’s a lot of CRTs just laying around, so I’ll snatch one when I visit.

 Another thing which I ordered and should arrive pretty soon is a sound card. I’ll install a Sound Blaster 128 in it, since it is period appropriate (and I found it for cheap online).

Once I get my hands on another CD drive, I plan to change the 5.25” FDD for it. It’s a little sad, but the CD drive will be certainly used more, for instance to install Windows 95, which I have on a nice CD install.

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  That's all of the computer profile! Next time, I will be dealing with the 98's upgrade. So           look forward for it and see you for the next time! Flametwist
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